Jul 16, 2024  
2023-2024 Student Handbook 
2023-2024 Student Handbook

Helpful Tips

  1. Keep a copy of your class schedule handy. You’ll need it to locate your classrooms and double-check the day/time your classes meet.
  2. Put the syllabus (outlines what will be covered in the course, explains the grading system, gives contact information for the instructor, etc.) in the front of the notebook you’ll be using for each class you’re taking each term.
  3. Identify someone at the college who can answer questions for you. (The Student Success office, first floor of the Gee Building, is always an excellent place to find help.)
  4. Purchase the required books and materials as soon as possible. You’ll usually be using them by the second class meeting.
  5. Use the Academic Calendar provided in this handbook to record assignments and to track when work has to be turned in.


NOTE: All dates in the calendar were accurate at the time of printing; however, check the College website for updates and changes throughout the year.